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No, an accredited TEFL certificate does not expire and never needs to be renewed. After completing your TEFL certification course and obtaining your TEFL certificate you can start looking for work ...
2020 was a year of change for everyone. Due to the Covid  situation, all of the TESOL courses at English for Asia are currently online. Saying this does cause some confusion and misunderstanding. D...
Do you have any tips about teaching English with Drama? After experimenting and learning with English teachers from many different countries and cultures, here are some of my most useful tips. All ...
If you have done any research into English language teaching you are certain to have come across other acronyms similar to TESOL that can be a little confusing, such as TEFL, TESL and ELT. The bott...
Four days of TESOL training soon ended, the tension, enrich and happy four days, I feel a lot, also learned a lot, this training makes me by excessive emissions reductions, although time is short, ...
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TESOL in China


TESOL in China认为经济全球化当下,世界关系联系越来越紧密,TESOL商务课程将给你更大的竞争力。毫无疑问,大多数人一样相信TESOL是一种可以提升自己的途径,最重要的是获得新的技能、知识以及精神、身体和情感资源,TESOL可以让你在商业领域打开一个全新的可能性世界。
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